How to find the best tent for camping?

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Whether you camp alone, or with a large group of friends, or with your family, this fun activity can become even more enjoyable if you pick the right kind of tent. You can find different types of tents for camping in the market. And this can really put you in a state of confusion. Well to avoid this, here are some essential tips and guidelines that will assist you in making the best choice of a camping tent. Take a look.

Check for the seasonality of the tent
If you are new to camping and will definitely not choose the winter season for camping, then a simple three-season camping tent will serve your needs. This one can manage all weather conditions during spring, summer, and autumn. The three-season tent is light in weight providing good ventilation to keep out the summer heat. For keeping away rains, this tent type is equipped with a canopy.

However, if you happen to be an avid camper and enjoy camping in the snow too, opting for a four-season camp is worthy. The ventilation can be easily closed in this type of tent. The material used for its fabrication can withstand extreme wind and snow.

Check for the type of camping you often go on
If you often drive to campsites with your family, then a family tent would be a great choice for you. You can opt for a family tent that provides adequate space, or can go with the one having multiple rooms offering both comfort and privacy. Although such family tents are quite heavy, since you would be driving to the campsite, it is always a good option.

However, if you will be camping while hiking or walking on long treks, then a backpacking tent is a great choice. It can shelter just one or two people at a time and is made of good quality materials.

Check for the shape and capacity of the tent
Consider the number of people who will be camping with you and also how long you will be camping. Make sure that the tent that you choose offers a space of 30 square feet per person.

If you don’t want to spend a huge amount on tents for camping, then you may go with a simple A-frame tent. This kind of tent is less costly as well as lighter. But it offers limited space and cannot withstand harsh weather conditions.

You can also go for a dome shape tent for a decent amount of headroom and because this tent type is much more stable than A-frames.

Check if the tent can be easily set up
Camping provides you the opportunity to spend quality time with nature if camping alone or enjoyable and fun time when camping with the family. You would certainly not want to waste it in setting up the tent. Therefore you must choose a pop up tents or instant opening tents that can set up easily and quickly.

These were a few tips that can help you figure out the best outdoor camping tents for you.

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